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Why Does My Shower Whistle?

Are you experiencing shower squealing, where the shower head whistles? When the shower head squeals, in other words, making a loud humming noise comes from a restriction or excess pressure in the shower pipes. The following advice on how to fix a shower head making noise or other signs of plumbing problems is brought to you by plumbing professionals.

Why Does My Shower Whistle
Why Does My Shower Whistle

Why Does My Shower Makes Noise When Turned On?

What causes shower squealing? Well, it is a problem with the shower head or pipes. There is a restriction somewhere within the system. At times, it is as a result of excessive pressure within the shower piping. If your household water pressure is more than 80psi, then you got the cause of your squealing shower problem right there.

How to Fix Shower Making Squealing Noise?

Fortunately, with smaller issues like a shower head making noise, is a basic DIY project that can be completed within an hour on average. As with any issues dealing plumbing, it highly recommended seeking the advice of a professional before handling the situation at hand. Fixing your shower making noise is relatively simple but here are some starting points to tackle this problem.

  • Remove the shower head by twisting in a counter-clockwise rotation. Once the shower head is disconnected, and off to the side, run the water. If the noise continues, the problem is deeper, and a professional should be called. If the noise stops (majority of the times it does), the shower head is the culprit and needs to be cleaned thoroughly removing any calcium blockage or simply installing a brand-new head.

  • To clean the shower head, one popular and safe hack is to soak in white vinegar and clean it thoroughly.

  • If, purchasing a new shower head. It's advisable to seek a head that is "water efficient" while producing high pressure.

However, if the problem persists, the problem is deeper and the water pressure should be investigated and tested by a professional. Normally if the pressure is above 80 psi, lowering it will do the trick to remove whistling noise from the shower head.

Being that the problem is deeper, it may be signs of old house plumbing problems, where professional plumbers need to pin-point the issue and offer solutions.

Shower Head Whistles
Shower Head Whistles

Shower Head Making High Pitched Noise FAQs

How do I stop my shower from whistling?

Clean the shower head. Replace it if that does not work. If it is not a shower head problem, back down the water pressure. If the problem persists, bring in the pros.

Why does shower make high-pitched noise?

It is probably a shower head or pressure problem.

How do you fix a high-pitched noise in the shower?

Try out the DIY steps in this post. If you are not sure of your skills, let the professionals do it.

How do you fix a whistling water pipe?

This should be left entirely to the plumbing pros.

Fixing a Shower Head that Whistles

It is always advisable to leaving plumbing issues to the pros for a plumbing inspection and repair. But with a problem like shower head squealing, normally can be tackled on-demand by removing the shower head and inspecting if the noise is coming from a block within the holes of the shower head.

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