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What are the Signs I Need to Replace my Toilet?

You put a lot of effort into keeping your home in order with everything working properly, and there’s no doubt that plumbing components maintenance is essential at home. It can be frustrating when your toilet appears to be damaged or doesn’t work correctly, and it makes you wonder if you should get it fixed once again or get a new one, which leads to the following questions: “How can you tell how old a toilet is?” and “What are the sings I need to replace my toilet?” It could be a little difficult to determine when to replace a toilet, so we’ll give you some clues to help you out.

What are the Signs I Need to Replace my Toilet
What are the Signs I Need to Replace my Toilet

What are the Signs I Need to Replace My Toilet?

1. Constant Clogging

If your toilet is old and low flush, you might experience stoppages far too often. If your toilet experiences clogging randomly or more than once a week, you should probably get a plumbing inspection or replace it. To keep the benefits of a low-flush toilet, just replace your current one with a more effective and efficient model. Low-flush toilets are much better than they used to be thanks to technology.

2. Cracks

Look for cracks in the porcelain when you notice puddles of water around your toilet. Even if your toilet works properly, leaks can waste lots of water and damage your flooring over time. The presence of cracks in the bowl or tank, or a constant running from it can be considered as signs for leaks, and a good way to tell when to replace toilet. Do it as soon as possible to avoid future issues. To tell if there’s a crack, dye the water in the tank or bowl and see if it makes it to the floor.

3. Several Repairs

A few things indicate your toilet lifespan as precisely as a frequent need of repair. It’s time for you to replace your toilet if you find yourself calling the plumber over and over. If you invest in a new toilet, you’ll save yourself a bit of cash. Discuss the possibility with your plumber so they can give you some advice on what’s best for you.

4. Excessive Age

How long do toilets last? Your toilet might work just fine even if it’s a little bit old. Nevertheless, keep in mind that nothing lasts forever and old houses with old plumbing can cause some issues. However, older toilets are less efficient than newer models, so getting a new one would be a great idea to save both water and money. Consider getting a toilet with a dual-flush feature that lets you partially flush for liquid waste and fully flush for solid waste.

5. Wobbling

A wobbling toilet might signify one of two things: it could be either be a problem of loose screws, or the floor beneath the toilet might be rotting away. In any case, call a professional to check it out and make sure everything is properly placed.

6. Flushing Is Not Efficient

“What are the signs I need to replace my toilet when it comes to water usage?” Well, consider that investing in a new, water-efficient toilet can help you keep your bills down. The low-flush toilet uses about two gallons per flush, while an average toilet uses three to five gallons of water for every flush. If you’re environmentally conscious or have a large family, getting a low-flush toilet could help you lower your water usage and your water bill.

When to Replace my Toilet
When to Replace my Toilet

7. Surface Damage

“When it comes to its appearance, what are the signs I need to replace my toilet?” You might want to replace your toilet for cosmetic reasons if it’s scratched on the surface. However, the problem is more than just a matter of appearance. It’s more complicated to keep the unit clean with excessive scratches on it. As a consequence of being scrubbed several times over the years, older toilets need to be cleaned more often than new models. So, to answer the question “how long does a toilet last?” check it out for any scratches.

8. Presence of Mineral Deposits

Minerals in the water can collect in the syphon tube and in the inlet holes, which can keep water from flowing effectively, making the toilet inefficient as well. Sometimes you might be able to chip at the buildup; however, this is not always possible. Your toilet might need replacement if the buildup keeps getting worse.

There might be many different signs that tell you when to replace a toilet. However, make sure to call a professional plumbing service to do the job, no matter the cause.

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