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Plumbing Problems in Old Houses

Old houses are often admired for their character and charm. With time, these houses are not only able to withstand the elements, but they build up a persona identifiable with the specific home. Unfortunately, these old houses come with a few issues such as plumbing issues. Here are some of the common plumbing problems in old houses.

Plumbing Problems in Old Houses

Proper plumbing is essential in any functioning house. Unfortunately, old houses have their fair share of problems. These problems range from wear and tear, such as rusting, outdated fixtures, to man-made issues such as bad repairs, sewer lines, and so on. Below, let’s tackle each problem that you should pay attention to if you’re in an old house, intend to sell one, or are planning to move to.

1. Rusting

While most pipes are galvanized, they are still susceptible to rust over time. Most pipes have a protective zinc layer. However, as time and the elements take their toll, the coating erodes, leaving the pipes to corrode.

With proper maintenance, you can have the rusting pipes repaired. While this is a late sign, if you notice the water gradually turning to orange, it is due to the eroded pipes and is unsafe for use. Call a plumber immediately once you notice the water color changing.

2. Outdated Connections and Fixtures

In some cases, the plumbers may have done a great job when they were installing the plumbing. However, nothing lasts forever. Old houses regularly have problems with supply lines connections, faucets, and other fixtures. In general, this can be termed as “wear and tear.”

The outdated fixtures can lead to more problems such as leaks, restricted water flow, and general plumbing issues. The best you can do with outdated fixtures is to ensure they are all professionally replaced with state of the art installations.

3. Bad Repairs

In most cases, an old house has had plumbing issues in the past. The owner may have opted to fix it themselves or to have a handyman do it. Unfortunately, these issues, if not properly examined by a plumber, they are likely to grow more severe in time.

Some of these issues such as an unsecured pipe or a backward sink trap are not as severe as you’d think. Unfortunately, other unprofessional repairs can be dangerous –and costly. Some of these include improperly sloped showers or an unsafe heater.

If you suspect there’s a problem with your plumbing, it's best to call a professional plumber. Doing so is not only cheaper than waiting to fix a bigger problem, but it’s also safer for everyone in the house.

4. Sewer Lines

Sewers and sewer lines, in general, are one of the most common plumbing problems in old houses. Sewer lines are responsible for taking the black and greywater to the sewer main from the house’s drains.

Since sewer lines are always wet, they often attract roots from surrounding trees and vegetation. Over time, the roots crack through the pipes and slowly take over space, which then leads to a partial or total clogging of the lines.

Bottom Line

Don’t let any of these plumbing problems in old houses bother you. If you notice any of the issues or symptoms of a bigger issue, get in touch with a professional plumber and they will help guide you towards a lasting solution. Regardless of the type of plumbing issue that you’re facing, the experts at Plumbing 2.0 have highly skilled technicians ready to help with any plumbing problems ranging from leaks to drain cleaning.

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