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How to Tell if Toilet is Leaking Underneath

Experiencing a toilet leak from the base of the toilet is a sign of water waste, but also a significant health hazard. Knowing how to tell if toilet is leaking underneath can detect a further destruction of a water leak that can run through the floor boards causing more havoc on the property, and costly repairs. Those that are asking why is my toilet leaking from the bottom? The following can help detect if needing a toilet replacement, and further prevent water leaking from the bottom of the toilet.

How to Tell if Toilet is Leaking Underneath
How to Tell if Toilet is Leaking Underneath

How to Tell if Your Toilet is Leaking

Detect a leaking toilet with the following tips.

  • Sewage Smell

Smelling sewage is a sign for inspection of your toilet plumbing. It is an alert that the plumbing system is not holding up steady. It may be a leak at the bottom of the toilet. Often, it is a problem with leaking pipes. Call an expert to ascertain if it is a leak under toilet or the pipes leaking.

  • Stains near the Base of Toilet

Stain around toilet base is a clear sign that you are looking at effects of leakage. The stain may be gray, yellow or brown. Spotting it means the leak may have been there over time.

  • Extensive Noise after Flushing

If you hear noise after flushing your toilet, it means the water is still running. It could be a leak at the bottom or several other problems. Let a reputable plumbing company investigate and pinpoint the problem before it becomes big.

  • Water Around Base of Toilet

So far, this is the clearest symptom of a leaking toilet at the bottom. Mostly, it is the case with toilets in old houses and you have to make a repair or a replacement decision.

  • Damp or Mildew Floor Around the Toilet

When the leak is old, its effects will spread to the adjacent floor. You will notice dampness a distance from the base. Noticing any brown stain around the toilet base and floor tiles is also an indication of a leak. Regular checks and maintenance could be the way to identify problems early.

To Repair or Replace

A toilet leak test will dictate whether it's advisable to repair or replace the entire toilet. If it is frequent and getting worse over time, you should think of replacing it before further damage occurs.

Why is My Toilet Leaking from Bottom
Why is My Toilet Leaking from Bottom

FAQS About Toilet Leaking Underneath

1. What is used to clean the ring around the base of the toilet?

Plenty of undiluted vinegar left for 3 hours before scrubbing can remove the ring around your toilet base. Toilet cleaner or grout cleaner is also known to work.

2. How do I get brown stains off the bottom of my toilet?

One liter of undiluted vinegar will get off the stains with ease. Leave it for 3 hours before scrubbing or using a traditional cleaning solution is known to work as well.

3. Why is my toilet leaking around the base?

It could be a loose connection such as a sealant leak or worn out parts within the plumbing.

4. Are you supposed to caulk around the base of a toilet?

Caulking may help stop the leak at the base, but at times can also hide underneath issues if the leak continues. It's always best to know 100% if the toilet is efficiently running in order, before caulking the base of toilet.

Water Leaking from Base of Toilet
Water Leaking from Base of Toilet

Now you know how to tell if toilet is leaking underneath. However, it does not mean you can handle the repairs. It is advisable that your contact a plumbing company when water is coming from the toilet base. Experts can save from the looming nightmare of hidden leaks when you contact them immediately.

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